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This is a good move for us and all of our visitors, we hope you like it!

  • Pete

    Just a quick note to say sorry if you’ve posted in the last couple of weeks and it’s disappeared. Hopefully this won’t happen any more.

  • Ellie Neill

    Found the charge for spectators really bad same price as the full fishing ive never known this anywhere

    • Foxhills Fishery

      A few fisheries do not even allow spectators at all. We are a private fishery with toilet facilities (which you were happy to take advantage of) and we just followed the lead of many other fisheries who now charge for spectators. Unfortunately too many anglers abused the free spectator system and spoiled it for everyone. Sorry that you disagree but all our charges are clearly displayed on the gate and web site so the choice to come here was entirely up to you.
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      • Graham Moore

        If u are disabled and need a carer to help you fish does this mean she as to pay spectators price too?

        • Foxhills Fishery

          Yes everyone without exception must have a ticket. However the cost for disabled and carer is £5 each for the full day, £4 each after 1pm.
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  • tony

    ace place to fish most friendly indeed

    • Foxhills Fishery

      Thank you Tony, glad you like it here.

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  • simon dutton

    With no groundbait rule, can a method feeder be used.

    • Foxhills Fishery

      If it is a small in line feeder, you can use maggots or pellets in it. No bread under any circumstances. Thanks.
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