New Comments System

Due to an increasing amount of spam in our comments, 8633 messages at the latest count, it has become impossible to find and reply to genuine comments.

To address this, and hopefully make things easier for everyone, we’ve moved our comments to Disqus.

You may already have seen Disqus on other websites after all it is rumoured to be “the most widely utilized commenting platform on the Internet”. If not why not take a look at them:

Benefits for all of us:

  • Trusted platform for our comments. Less spam!
  • Less spam means we can actually find and reply to your questions.
  • Sign up just once with Disqus to comment on all Disqus enabled sites.
  • Easy sign up with Disqus or using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.
  • All of your comments in one place with some nifty little tools. Try it out.

This is a good move for us and all of our visitors, we hope you like it!