Wildlife Care


The Dangers of LitterIt is very important to discard old or tangled line carefully. Ideally it should be cut into small pieces with scissors and bagged up before disposal.The danger to birds and other wildlife is enormous and can cause long periods of suffering and death. Line that gets tangled in trees and bushes should be cut or pulled out immediately and dealt with, before birds fly into and get stuck. Line that gets wound around the legs of ducks or geese will tighten as they try to free themselves and eventually will cut off the blood circulation resulting in the foot or leg of the bird actually dropping off.

ALL litter must be taken home with you but common sense whilst fishing will prevent dangers to wildlife and anglers alike. Smokers make sure that your butt ends are not allowed to finish up in the pools, the filter tips look like food to the fish and swell inside them often causing death. Small animals can get their heads stuck through the plastic rings that hold beer cans together and the pull rings cause choke hazards. Likewise luncheon meat can tops that pull off are very sharp and dangerous and often overlooked on the banks when packing up.The Dangers of Litter

We do have one or two feral cats that ‘beg’ from the anglers, please DO NOT feed them as they are wild and do scratch.

Please be aware of your surroundings and help us to maintain a safe environment for all our local wildlife.